We love Music.  We want to help you get you to as wide an audience as possible using video and social media.  

With an extensive experience working in music, we know what makes a really great video.

Whether it's video for auditions, or to promote your group on YouTube, to filming a concert, or creating a music video - we can help.  See previous examples here.

We shoot with a range of cameras, from DSLRs, to FS7/FS5, broadcast quality Canon C300/C100, XF-305s in both single and multicam set ups.  Depending on the requirements, we work with professional sound engineers to get perfect sound for your video.

We also specialise in online live streaming to Facebook and Twitter.


We base our rates on your budget, and the shoot and edit you require.

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Short Performance Film

A single camera video of your performance.  Suitable, and useful for auditions, websites, quick social media publicity and promotion of concerts.  Can be filmed live or 'as live'.  Watch an example here.

Interview/Performance Film (EPK)

A mix of interview & performance, this short video (or Electronic Press Kit - EPK) allows you to tell your audience a bit about you, your project or group, whilst giving them a taster of the music you perform.  Watch an example here.

Multicamera Performance Capture

A more advanced version of the Performance video which would be suitable for online use. Using multiple cameras it gives life to the music you are performing, making it a truly enjoyable and engaging musical experience.  Watch an example here.

Online Documentary/Feature

A longer exploration of a topic or interviews that can be used as content for your followers or supporters.  It usually examines a particular musical topic or event, and interweaves performance and spoken word.  Designed to gain traction on social media.  Watch an example here.