Promo Video Day

9th September 2017 - Book here.

Do you need a video for your website or for auditions?  Have you got a fantastic holiday glow that you need to capture before it fades?

We've put together a day of filming just for you.

The aim is to be super hassle free.  We provide:

·      Venue (St James, Sussex Gardens – 1.5 sec echo) & Steinway piano

·      Professional Classical sound engineer (Sonus Audio)

·      Two camera video crew

·      Editing

Which means you get two professionally shot & recorded videos for your website/auditions.  Is it going to be £1500 like normal music videos? NO!

You get all of this for 330 pounds. 

Plus – DEAL – if you book with another person, we’ll drop the price to 300 each, saving you 60 pounds total.

BUT – there’s more!

We’ve got a whole load of extras you can throw in.  These include:

·      Headshots  – get it all done in a day!

·      Hair & make up

·      Extra video

·      Separate Audio tracks mixed for website

Each session lasts 1 hour.  To book, fill in the form here or email me here.