Audition Video

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Audition Video

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We make it as easy to get incredible audition videos.  

We've made videos for singers, instrumentalists, and actors.  We are classical music specialists, so know how to make video that really shows off your performance.  

It's simple, but effective.  Book below, and you will get:

2 x professional videos (up to 5 mins long each) suitable for auditions.

  • High quality audio.
  • 2 x cameras, editing, plus a single take video, if required.
  • On screen titles introducing you and the piece(s).
  • Videos delivered to you in 10 days, ready to send out to all your auditions
  • Quality, simplicity, and a video that does works as hard as you do to get the audition.

All you need to provide is the venue.  (Alternatively, we have some venues with great acoustics that you can hire at a reasonable rate).  We charge slightly more for out of London venues.

It's very simple and easy - book now and get the worry about the videos out of your head, and focus on the music.

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